China-Central Eastern European Countries Civil Aviation Forum and General Aviation Business Forum Successfully Held in Czech


On October 8, China-CEEC Civil Aviation Forum and General Aviation Business Forum was held in Prague, Czech capital. Cui Xiaofeng, Deputy Administrator of CAAC, Ladislav Němec, Deputy Minister of Transport of the Czech Republic, Anita Grmelova, Deputy Foreign Minister of the Czech Republic, Dins Merirands, Deputy State Secretary, Ministry of Transport of Latvia, Zhang Jianmin, Ambassador of China to the Czech Republic, and around 110 representatives from the civil aviation industries of China and Central Eastern European countries attended the forum. This forum is composed of two parts: Civil Aviation Government Forum and General Aviation Business Forum, which covered topics such as air transport and infrastructure connectivity, personnel training, general aviation operation, air traffic control, airport operation, etc.

▲Chinese general aviation delegation after the forum (partial)

Deputy Administrator Cui Xiaofeng pointed out in his speech that since 2012, China and Central Eastern European countries have jointly proposed to carry out regional cooperation. According to the outline of China-CEE cooperation plan, CAAC has ensured civil aviation to play a leading and supporting role in infrastructure connectivity for "17 + 1 cooperation", which vigorously promoted cooperation between China and CEE countries. He hoped that the two sides could further strengthen exchanges and cooperation in aviation planning, transport policy, safety technology, and general aviation policy and operation, so as to jointly promote connectivity between China and CEE countries, and make new contributions to the people-to-people exchanges and economic development between the two sides.

▲Executive Vice Chairman Pan Yixin made keynote speech on General Aviation Business Forum

Pan Yixin, Executive Vice Chairman of CATA, led a delegation of 36 people to attend the General Aviation Business Forum on the afternoon of October 8, and made a keynote speech entitled "Current Status and the Future of China's General Aviation Development". Pan pointed out that since 2010, the Chinese government has adopted a series of policies aimed to promote the development of general aviation, launched the reform of low-altitude airspace management, determined the development goals for general aviation, introduced measures to promote general aviation growth, established development layout, vigorously developed the UAS industry, and promoted the rapid development of general aviation industry. In the coming few years, China's general aviation industry will continue to maintain a strong momentum of development with the strong support of national policies and market demand. The emerging consumer market of general aviation will be further expanded, high-quality development of general aviation be placed in a prominent position, development environment of general aviation be further improved, and the UAS industry will gradually march in the direction of intelligence and standardization. CATA supports China's aviation enterprises to invest and develop in CEE countries, to strengthen cooperation and to jointly promote the development of general aviation industry. CATA also welcomes CEE countries' aviation enterprises to invest and develop in China to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results. Vice Chairman Pan's speech was well received by the guests from home and abroad. Other speakers from 9 entities and enterprises, including Aircraft Airworthiness Department of CAAC, Sichuan General Aviation Investment Management Co., Ltd., Shandong Qiquan General Aviation Co., Ltd., Ying’an General Aviation Co., Ltd. and 999 Emergency Rescue Center of Beijing Red Cross Society, introduced China's situation in general aviation airworthiness, operation, aviation medical aid, airport construction, flight service support, etc. at the forum.

▲Deputy Director General Zhang Sen of Aircraft Airworthiness Certification

Department of CAAC introduced airworthiness cooperation between China and CEE countries at General Aviation Business Forum

On October 7, Executive Vice Chairman Pan Yixin visited Petr Hyl, President of Sino-Czech Aviation Association, and conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on strengthening cooperation between the two associations in the fields of air transport and general aviation. Both sides agreed to further strengthen cooperation and exchanges in air transport and general aviation in the future, and to build communication platforms between air transport and general aviation enterprises of China and the Czech Republic.

▲Executive Vice Chairman Pan and associates visited Sino-Czech Aviation Association

On October 9, the CAAC delegation visited the flight school – F Air, exchanged views with the school principal on pilot training and other topics, and visited flight cadets of Sichuan Airlines of China studying there.

▲Executive Vice Chairman Pan Yixin and other general aviation delegates visited the First Czech Flight School

The success of China-CEE Civil Aviation Forum and General Aviation Business Forum in the Czech Republic marks a new development stage for the exchanges and cooperation between China and CEE countries in the field of civil aviation. At present, China has signed inter-governmental air services agreements with 14 of the 17 CEE countries. In 2018, the passenger transport market between China and CEE grew by more than 20%, becoming one of the fastest growing civil aviation transport markets in China and Europe. Cooperation between China and CEE countries in the field of general aviation is also steadily advancing. At present, China's general aviation enterprises have introduced a number of general aviation aircraft produced by CEE countries, and some enterprises in CEE countries have signed strategic cooperation agreements on research and development of general aviation aircraft, which has become a model of cooperation and win-win development in the field of civil aviation between the two sides.