CATA Delegation Visited UAE and Israel


Recently, Civil Air Transport Association organized heads of cabin service departments from its member airlines to visit Emirates, Etihad Airways and El Al Airways for exchanges over their beneficial practices and positive experience regarding cabin safety, in-flight service and culture and customs.

Emirates, as the first airline to launch direct flights between the Middle East and China’s Mainland, operates 110 A380 aircraft at one of the world's busiest international transit hub, and accumulated rich experience in service provision and operation management. With an innovative, integrated and systematic training system, Etihad has earned a good reputation for its world-class cabin service. El Al has maintained a safety record of 71 years since its establishment in 1948 by living up to the principle of safety first.

In-depth exchanges over cabin safety. As an important part of flight safety, cabin safety is considered as priority for all three airlines, and an important subject for both initial training and regular recurrent training for cabin crew. In particular, El Al, under the special employment mode stipulated by national law, has put flight safety at the top of the list through high training standards and strict passing rate, while optimizing the training mode, and innovating mobile cabin equipment that integrats multiple types of aircraft. In such efforts, El Al managed to ensure the company's sustained and steady development for 71 years.

Experience sharing with training departments of Etihad and El Al.

Broad Communication over in-flight service. First, delegates learned about how Emirates and Etihad upgraded their hardware and software for service, and established a complete service management mechanism. Emirates has established a training rooms for duty-free purchase aboard and Michelin in the air, as well as general service-improvement training courses. In the case of Etihad, by selecting passenger complaints and typical cases, and posting them in the training room to study, it managed to realize whole-process and targeted improvement, and to continuously enhance world-class cabin service standards. Second, delegates communicated with the Chinese crew of foreign airlines while taking flight to understand the crew characteristics and operation management practices of foreign airlines. Third, delegates also took the time on the road, on the table and at break to chat, share and learn from each other.

With crew member of Emirates and Etihad

Cultural talks over customs and traditions. With the change of passenger structure, airlines are experiencing accelerated internationalization and increased international routes, which have raised higher and more comprehensive requirements for cabin crew members to understand and respect cultural traditions, religious beliefs among others. All three airlines have established proper training mechanisms to integrate religious customs and corporate culture into their employees’ daily work to help them adapt to internationalization development. In particular, as the birthplace of three major religions, El Al has made positive exploration in adapting to the diversified culture development of the world today and preserving religious traditions and customs, and achieved great results.

The visit also facilitated communication and mutual learning between airlines. Wang Jian, General Manager of Cabin Service Department of Sichuan Airlines, shared the handling experience of May 14 incident and his father's advice to "focus at work, be calm and never give up". Yang Li, Deputy General Manager of Air China's Cabin Service Department, said the movie "The Captain", helped her to better understand and support her captain husband, and strengthened her own sense of responsibility and mission. Delegates also sang some patriotic songs on the way to celebrate the great achievements achieved in the 70 years of prosperity and development since the establishment of the People’s Republic of China.

Meeting with Emirates and El Al.

During the visit, delegates brought the three airlines with the newly published From Cabin to the World - Chinese Civil Aviation Cabin Crew in the New Era by the Cabin Service Committee of CATA, which demonstrated the image that values tradition and responsibility of Chinese civil aviation cabin crew team in the new era. Besides, they also had in-depth discussion over future cabin safety, in-flight service training, among others.