“Law Based and Credit Based Civil Aviation” Legal Knowledge Competition Campaign Officially Launched


On June 14, 2018, the 11th National Day for the Caring of Credit Record, the Legal Knowledge Competition Campaign characterized by “Law Based and Credit Based Civil Aviation” was officially launched at T2 of Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport. On the same day, the mobile phone application for passengers to join the competition was also made available in the app store.

The “Law Based and Credit Based Civil Aviation” legal knowledge competition campaign is jointly held by Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), China Air Transport Association (CATA) and China Civil Airports Association (CCAA), consisting of legal knowledge competition for staff in the civil aviation industry and quiz-for-prize activity for passengers and the public. The campaign focuses on the Constitution, civil aviation laws and regulations, and civil aviation credit management rules, with the legal knowledge competition covering the Constitution, Civil Aviation Law, civil aviation administrative regulations and rules, civil aviation work safety rules, credit administration rules, civil aviation compliance oversight rules, and civil aviation legal practices; and the passenger quiz, the Constitution, “must-know” legal knowledge for taking flights, rules related to certain serious discredit behaviors subject to restriction from taking civil aircraft, and consumer right protection. The aim is to promote passengers to advocate sound credit consumption and travel habits, improve credit awareness of the whole society and jointly build and maintain a “Credit Based Civil Aviation” with civil aviation personnel.


A person in charge of CAAC Department of Policy, Law and Regulation pointed out that the knowledge competition campaign is one of a series of activities held by CAAC to celebrate the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening up, meanwhile an important measure to implement the central government’s requirement of learning, promoting and implementing the Constitution. The campaign is based on the civil aviation industry, closely following the hotspot issues in the adjustment of regulation model and reform of the civil aviation industry, at the same time, it covers credit building project, focusing on rules punishing discredit behaviors and restricting serious dishonest persons from taking civil aircraft. Civil aviation administrative entities, enterprises and passengers are all main subjects of social credit system and it is hoped that the campaign can form broad promoting and guiding effect within the industry and the whole society, helping build sound credit ecosystem, and facilitating the public to work together and advance hand in hand.

The launching ceremony attracted many civil aviation passengers to come on stage and participate in the “must-know” quiz, resulting in a warm and cheerful atmosphere. According to the schedule of the activity, the passenger quiz will end on July 14, before which passengers can scan the QR code on the information board at airports, publicity materials delivered on board or other media to participate in the quiz. Passengers who correctly answered all the questions and were picked in the lucky draw will be awarded with frequent flyer mileage. Since July 14, the campaign will enter into the legal knowledge competition stage, consisting of three phases of first-round, second-round and final. The first and second rounds will be organized at regional administration level, and seven winner teams after approval by the organizer committee, who, together with another competition team designated by the committee, will jointly take part in the final to be held on December 4 in Beijing, and compete for the first, second, third and organizing prize.


A person in charge from the organizing committee commented that the campaign is a high level activity with broad participation, being a close interaction among civil aviation regulator, enterprises and passengers, meanwhile a technique contest among legal professionals in the civil aviation industry. The campaign is aimed to promote knowledge about the Constitution and civil aviation laws, improve passengers’ awareness of law and credit, and professional techniques of civil aviation legal professionals, so as to leverage on the strengthen of all parties to build a civil aviation industry that is credit based and law based, provide passengers with better travel experience and promote the building of civil aviation power.


In recent years, CAAC has been constantly strengthening industry credit culture building, safeguarding order of civil aviation activities, and promoting healthy development of the civil aviation industry, as a result, CAAC developed and published the Measures for Credit Administration of Civil Aviation Industry (Trial). By far, CAAC has already published one list of organizations and two lists of individuals with serious discredit behaviors of the civil aviation industry. 86 individuals included in the CAAC List of Seriously Discredit People Restricted from Taking Civil Aircraft published on June 1 will be restricted from taking civil aircraft for one year since June 1. This is a solid step forward to implement President Xi Jinping’s instruction of building the grand credit punishment layout of “discredit at one place will result in restrictions everywhere”, through which the passengers are guided to advocate credit, act honestly, travel with manners and protect rights according to law, so as to jointly build a safe, convenient and orderly air travel environment.


Guo Rengang, Deputy Director General of Department of Policy, Law and Regulation of CAAC, attended the launching ceremony and delivered a speech; Liu Shuguo, Secretary General of CATA introduced the plan of the legal knowledge competition campaign, and Lin Qingshan, Deputy Party Secretary and Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of CAAC Central South Regional Administration, and Chairman of the Labor Union of Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport Co., Ltd. respectively made remarks; Li Xiaomei, Secretary General of CCAA chaired the launching ceremony; and Bao Yilin, Chief Economist of Guangdong Airport Authority, and other over 100 representatives from organizing entities, branches and CAAC regional entities in Guangdong attended the ceremony.