Collections of Civil Aviation Studies


The Collections of Civil Aviation Studies (referred to as the Collections hereinafter) is an annual publication compiled by China Air Transport Association (CATA) in conjunction with CAAC News and Publishing House, China Academy of Civil Aviation Science and Technology and Civil Aviation Management Institute of China, etc., which comes out once a year. The Collections is a copious confluence of the research findings of the civil aviation industry, which well serves to guide the hands-on practice and enrich the theories for the development of civil aviation, thus being widely popular with CATA members and audiences both in and out civil aviation industry.


It’s our cordial hope that you will continue to lend support and assistance to the compilation and publication of the Collection by actively contributing your papers, your valuable advice and suggestions so that the Collection can truly become the showcase for the theoretical research findings and the platform for the mutual learning and communication of the people in and out the industry.


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